Adopting an Older Pug?

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”

– Sydney Jeanne Seward

Can you imagine what it must be like for a dog to be discarded in middle age? Sometimes it happens because the owner dies, but it is usually because the owners just decided they didn't want the dog any longer. These are not "bad" dogs, just dogs that happened to end up in bad circumstances.

Many are fearful to adopt an old pug, because they feel there is only a short time to be with them.  The privilege of adopting a senior pug makes every single day special. People who are unwilling to consider adopting the more mature Pugs are missing out on one of the greatest blessings life has to offer: being loved by a senior Pug. You and your pug will share love, friendship and that relationship grows stronger knowing that you have given this pug a second chance at life.

Why are older pugs surrendered?
•    Divorce
•    Finances
•    Change in work schedule
•    Death of a guardian
•    Not enough time for the dog
•    New baby
•    Moving where dogs are not allowed
•    Allergies
•    Change in lifestyle
•    Prospective spouse or partner doesn’t like dogs
•    Impulse buy
•    Some are rescued from a life time of neglect and abuse
•    And yes, occasionally some are surrendered due to family’s perceived behavioral problems.

An older pug has known a lot of hardship and has been denied basic care and attention for the majority of this life. To him, every moment of love and protection is something he feels compelled to let you know he appreciates, be it with a loving glance, a sloppy wet kiss, or snuggling up next to you with his contented purring. You will feel like the lucky one in being open enough to accept an older Pug into my life. Once an older pug is in your home and heart it will be obvious why the salt-n-pepper pugs are so wonderful!

Do older pugs cost more in vet bills?
Medication and veterinary attention is needed at all stages throughout a pug’s life. It may or may not be more costly for an old pug. Before you adopt, be sure you get a health report and find out if the pug has any pre-existing conditions. Many pugs may live until the end of their lives with no problems at all. Some conditions that may exist or come about later with an older pug: dental cleaning needs to be done more regularly, arthritis, skin conditions, mass or cyst removals, and blood work that may reveal such things as kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid conditions.

For those who have adopted an older animal know that it is one of the best kept secrets! There are never any guarantees about length of life with any dog. Quality of time together can matter a great deal more than quantity. You can teach old dogs new tricks!

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